Noam Kroll’s Cinematography Blogs

Looking at Noam Kroll’s blogs when it comes to cinematography it is easy to see that he is very familiar with what he talks about when he posts blogs on his website frequently about lens’, different shots and when to use them, cameras and many other topics that early stage film makers such as myself would find useful. The post I found most interesting was Kroll’s ‘Color Grading Rant: Why Protecting Your Dynamic Range Is Killing Your Aesthetic’. 

As Kroll starts the blog he begins by emphasising that Dynamic Range is one of the key elements needed to get the cinematic look you want for your film. Giving a quick backstory on dynamic range and how it was affected by the digital age of film making Kroll has offered insight on some off the different cameras that are best used for dynamic range for your film making and even for people on a budget looking for a cinematic look with their camera. This is not only presented in this specific blog but many others that Kroll has made about cameras and camera lens’. This mention of cheap cameras that utilise  dynamic range to achieve a cinematic look is very useful to someone such as myself who is a young film maker with a small budget looking to achieve the best cinematic look that I can.

Kroll brings up many different points throughout his blogs that are very useful to better understanding the film making experience but I found that one of the most important that I related to was also off the same blog but concerning two pictures with one being colour graded to make the most out of dynamic range and the other being colour corrected to be more artistic and interesting.

I found this to be quite interesting as it brings points to me on a personal level as I am always conflicted on whether to choose the image that looks the best for dynamic range or what I find more interesting and that would work better for the film. His cinematography blogs are overall useful to new and experienced film makers as they offer a new perspective on the industry and uses his experiences to create trustworthy reviews and statements to certain aspects of film.



Kroll, N. (2017). The Most Important Lesson I’ve Ever Learned About Editing Narrative Film. Retrieved from


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