Noam Kroll’s ‘Technique over gear’ blog review

To a filmmaker not having the right type of gear for a shoot can make or break a film whether that be not having the right lens for a camera, insufficient lighting or even just location problems but we all have to make compromises to continue the story. Noam Kroll offers the point that even if you have all up to date camera equipment it should be your technique that tells the story that you want. (Kroll, 2017). In the blog Kroll talks about being resourceful with the equipment you have available and even if the only thing you have is an Iphone, that if you really plan you can find a way to produce the story you want.

Kroll offers a personal experience to confirm his statement talking about his first experience in the industry with no equipment and no money but he was resourceful with his time and found ways around his predicament to allow for the story in his mind to come through. This relates to me as I have barely made any head way into the film industry and with very little equipment and money to create my artistic aesthetic.  This blog along with many other of Kroll’s other blogs offer information to help young film makers that I find very useful and have even taken and used in my ideas for short films. A lot of Kroll’s ideas and statements can be related to any part of film making whether it be pre-production, production or post-production as the principles he offers in his blogs are still the same.

Even though Kroll’s idea about being resourceful with equipment is true it is much easier said than done when you have little to no equipment to create your story. I believe that it is only in hindsight that you are able to really think of what you could have done better with your equipment to create the story you had envisioned.





Kroll, N. (2017). Technique Over Gear, Or How To Continually Improve Your Retrieved 6 October 2017, from


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