Noam Kroll’s Colour Contrasting Blog

Reading through Noam Kroll’s blog on Colour Contrasting and why it is important in achieving the cinematic look you want for your film I found it very interesting as I have recently been doing lighting in class and colour correction of some images and footage in my own time. Kroll talk about how important it is to properly light a set when you are looking for a certain aesthetic for your editor to create in colour correction. As Kroll mentions in the blog that “it’s easy to remove colour in post, buy difficult to add it” (Kroll, 2017).

I found this blog very relate able and helped me during my personal experiences as recently I have participated in a lighting session in class and have learned quite a lot from it. This blog along with the in- class session will help me improve over all when going to colour grade my edits as I will be able to communicate much easier to the director on what I can and cannot do. This not only translates to things that I find useful but can also help people around me as they might have a problem with colour correcting a scene and from the information on Kroll’s blog I can offer them some insight on how to fix their problem.

This blog combined with many others from Kroll’s website create a well organised blog site for many people to use and become better film makers whether it is cinematography, directing, editing, gaffer or any from the multiple on set jobs. He has created insightful thoughts that are easy to follow and are useful for beginner editors and film makers such as myself. This blog not only follows suit with the rest of his blogs but also adds to the usefulness that Kroll puts out on a weekly basis.



Kroll, N. (2017). Why Color Contrast Is Essential For The Cinematic Look + How To Capture It On Retrieved 13 October 2017, from


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