The Importance of Coverage

As an editor the importance of coverage is essential to creating films that are enjoyable  to watch for the audience and your client. Film coverage is the amount of footage that is captured and the different angles that allow for post-production to not be confined to a single shot. This is important to allow for different shots on the film or video that you are creating to make it interesting.  Take for example if you were to shoot a film that is only a wide shot, if you were to add in some close ups, cut aways and the inclusion of the wide shot would create a much more interesting composition.

The use of blogging is immeasurable as it gives a voice for people to talk about the passions, hobbies or lives. This is true for Noam Kroll as he puts blogs up weekly to talk about his experience him film. Kroll talks about the importance of coverage and how without coverage his film wouldn’t have been created. Kroll’s blogging life has evolved to a much larger scale where he is now posting Newsletters weekly for his following as well as his social media pages where he updates projects he is working on.

The good thing about Kroll’s blogs and his other social media outlets is that he uses examples from years of experience in the film industry to back up his statements. This is evident when he talks about the importance of coverage on his latest blog where he explains how coverage was used to save his film. I found this very interesting as I know that coverage was important but with the points he brings up in his blog it allowed for a new ideas to be created on how I viewed coverage and how it can make or break a film.





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