Indie Film Making

The use of film and video is largely growing more popular and becoming a larger influence on the world around us. Film is such an important and interesting way to tell a story or influence your audience to feel something that you feel which is why it has been ever growing since its invention. This is why I want to be apart of film as I want to be apart of a revolutionary way of story telling that not only is entertaining but is effective in its purpose of clear narrative structure.

Indie film making is a large part of cinema and is one of the best ways for young film makers such as myself to get into the industry by participating in film festivals such as tropfest, Gold Coast Film Festival, Brisbane International Film Festival and many more. These film festivals are important for indie film makers as it allows them to showcase what they can do and what type of story they can tell. Noam Kroll’s blog on indie film making talks about how film makers should learn from the past such as French Cinema as it can help make a truly great story and engage the audience to see the story you have produced in a different way.

I have chosen to talk about indie film making though my blogs as I believe it is an important topic and I feel very passionate about it as I believe many great film makers will begin their career at these indie film festivals. It is also much more casual to explain it in blog form where I can refer back to someone more experienced in the film industry such as Noam Kroll who has been writing blogs for over 5 years and has been in the industry for much longer.



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